Engaging I.T. TASKFORCE! means that...

  • Manufacturers and Resellers may confidently bid on larger jobs, offering a faster installation cycle.
  • Your staff can focus on project management, or planning the next contract.
  • You can forget the inherent burdens of hiring, training and the subsequent lay-off of new employees or individual contractors.
  • If there is a method of saving time and eliminating "bottle necks" we know it, or will be looking for it! (ask us why we say our workers can carry three times the equipment!)

  • Steal Our Staff...Please!
    We bring the best and brightest to your door. Our team members are highly motivated because they will be part of a group that continually performs above expectations, and that may-well lead to an opportunity with your firm. We recognize and support that possibility!

    The nomadic life style of aggressively tackling multiple contracts is an excellent learning environment for our people. However, those with families-especially, may understandably look toward to a more stable environment.

    This is an ideal situation for your company, in that you can work hand in hand with them and see how they interact with each other and the people in your environment. If there is one or more individual who you feel may be the ideal candidate for your opportunity, speak to our President, Michael Melton at 416-410-4883. Ask for a "work history assessment" and negotiate an employment offer through IT Taskforce at a fraction of the cost of typical recruiting company.

    At I.T. TASKFORCE! , we are proud to provide opportunities for high-potential new networking professionals while serving our clients with the best and brightest network installation teams in the business today.

    Our Teams Have Completed Projects For...
  • Unisys Canada
  • Nesbitt Burns
  • University of Toronto
  • BASF Windsor
  • Simcoe School Board
  • Haldiman Norfolk School Board
  • CIBC Mellon Bank
  • Meloche-Monnex
  • Baycrest Hospital

  • If they can trust us with their rollouts, retrofits and upgrades you can too!
    What's Holding You Up?! Large rollouts do not need to be daunting! Let our experienced teams take on your biggest I.T. logistical challenges. Make seasonal cycles a thing of the past by calling in I.T. TASKFORCE! We will assess the situation and dispatch as many people as you need for as long as you need them! You have planned your client's network installation, upgrade, or migration in painstaking detail, now call in the team of professionals that will augment your team to handle the physical work in record time! Call I.T. Taskforce at 416-410-4883

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