A Letter from the President

Our credo, "the clients' priority is our priority" is more than just marketing "noise". During a hard-drive retrofit contract at Nesbitt Burns, one of our junior team-members suggested a short-cut, which, once approved, saw a two-day contract finished in four hours! Oddly enough...the client was pleased!

We have team leaders who lead by example, and team members who give their all. The work ethic displayed by our team members has earned us much praise and many return contracts.

I.T. Taskforce was established as the direct result of good listening and identification of client needs during the founders' close association with two of Canada's oldest, and most respected firms in the fields of I.T. Recruitment and Career Search/Counseling. We sincerely believe that our level of service is unique due to our experience and flexibility. We also strive to maintain the industry's most humane and equitable relationship with our contractors. Our people also make us unique. Each project is staffed according to the specific requirements of the job.

Teams are assembled from our extensive body of pre-selected and qualified personnel. Each one of our team members has also passed a technical interview conducted by our Sr. Project Coordinator to properly ensure that the skills proported are valid.

The result is highly motivated teams, formed from only the best, brightest, and most enthusiastic candidates. These Teams are then placed under the guidance of an experienced Team Leader who provides the logistical support and necessary expertise to complete your rollout on-time, every time.

After examining our qualifications as described on the following pages, please contact me directly to hear more about how we can provide a highly effective, cost-efficient response to your network installation and upgrade requirements!


Michael J. Melton
I.T.Taskforce! Inc.
e:mail president@ittaskforce.com

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